Crusader Wrestling Club

"Once you've wrestled,
everything else in life is easy."
   -Dan Gable-

At Cusader Wrestling Club in our 20 plus  years of coaching,  we have seen kids grow up through the sport, become adults and reap the rewards of what they’ve learned through experiencing the greatest and oldest sport on earth.  There are several incredible benefits of wrestling, not only that can positively affect children, but also as they grow into adults.
Meet the Coaches
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  1. Ages 5 to 13
    Getting your wrestler training early is crucial these days. At Crusader Wrestling Club the practices are well suited for these age ranges and skill levels. We specialize in building confidence in young wrestlers, and preparing the junior high wrestlers for high school competition.
  2. All abilities welcome
    No matter if it is your child's first time on the mat , or if they are a seasoned wrestler, Crusader Wrestling Club revels in the opportunity to educate and develop their skills. Stepping on the mat for the first time is something all of us have experienced, and everyone has lost matches, but once your child wins one, you're hooked.
  3. Boys & Girls
    If he can do it so can she. Wrestling is a great sport for both boys and girls. Respect of our teammates, and our competitors are the cornerstone of Crusader Wrestling Club's philosophy. We want every child to have the opportunity to enjoy this great sport.
  4. The Crusader Way
    The coaches at Crusader Wrestling Club teach wrestling "the right way". Fun is the name of the game. It is important that your child enjoys the sport first. Technique is king and repetition builds good technique. This is the process that has made the Crusader Wrestling Club the flagship program in the South.